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A solid TikTok hashtags strategy is crucial for any business that includes TikTok as a part of their social media marketing strategy. Utilizing trending TikTok hashtags has a significant contribution to your TikTok marketing venture. The right hashtags will help your content reach a wide audience base, grow your TikTok followers, and establish brand recognition.

However, using just any hashtags will not help you in your TikTok hashtag journey. This is why we have brought you a detailed TikTok hashtags strategy that will help your content reach the right audiences and expand your followers in no time. Let’s get started with the hashtag ride.

Do Hashtags Work on TikTok?

Like any other social media platform, hashtags have an exceptional advantage in growing your TikTok. The right hashtags will increase engagement rates and make your TikTok content more discoverable. This will give you a better edge over your fellow creators and make your content stand out within the audience. In short, TikTok hashtags will increase your engagement rates by making your content more visible.

Why Use TikTok Hashtags?

TikTok hashtags strategy is a free strategy that can yield you so many benefits on TikTok. There are so many fabulous reasons to use hashtags in your TikTok posts. Let’s check out a few of them:

Reach More People

The key to higher engagement rates is to make your content visible to more people. With the right hashtags, audiences apart from your followers can view your content and engage with it. Whenever you use a hashtag, any user that searches that hashtag on TikTok can find your content right within the list. This implies that hashtags can help to improve the visibility of your content significantly.


#fyp #lol #lmao #lmfao #seatbeltprank #hilarious

♬ original sound – FrenchSquad

In the example above, you can see that the TikTok creator uses the #fyp hashtag which means “For You Page” so the content can be featured on the platform and gets a good number of likes.

Find Your Competitors

Did you know that hashtags can be an identifier for your competitor in the industry? Competitor research is an essential requirement for creating engaging content for your TikTok. You can use hashtags to get to know your competitors as well as find better content ideas that are currently trending on the platform.

Hashtags can also be a great tool to stay up to date on the trends so you will not miss out on any possible content that you can create for your followers. For instance, if you are into making dance videos, you can try to search for hashtags like #tiktokdancechallenge or #danceontiktok to see what kind of content is currently trending.

Increase Followers

tiktok hashtags

Using the right hashtags can also increase your followers as hashtags will help broaden the reach of your content. Many businesses and creators are struggling with TikTok growth when they have just started because of the lack of hashtags in their content. No matter how consistent you are creating your content, if you are not using the right hashtags, your content will just stay there.

The right hashtags will make your content visible to people that are not following you yet. Other than just creating great content, the usage of the proper hashtags will give you a better opportunity to win more audiences and grow your followers.

Create a Community with Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags can be extremely rewarding for your TikTok venture. Creating branded hashtags is the next step in building a community for your followers. Branded hashtags can help you to interact with your followers and finally boost your content engagement.

Once your branded hashtags get more viral, you can also gain user-generated content by encouraging your community members to share their experiences with your business. Like any other social media platform, user-generated content (UGC) works a lot to grow your brand. Repost those UGCs on your social profile and build a stronger bond with your audience!

Keep in mind that before you repost the UGC, you need to ask for permission from the original creator and always credit them in your post.

Stay Updated on TikTok Trends

Hashtags can help you to stay updated on TikTok trends. There is no way you can grow on TikTok without getting involved in TikTok trends. Try to find the latest trends on TikTok before you spot them on the other platforms. Make use of hashtags to identify what’s currently happening on the platform that most people are hooked into.


I actually did it *myself* #joshsafdie #juliafox #vanityfair #quotes #fyp #foryou #interview #didit #girlpower

♬ I did it myself – Keltie

Getting involved in TikTok trends will help you to stay relevant to your audiences. By participating in the trends using trending hashtags, your content will have more chances to appear on others’ feeds. See an example above of the trend #iactuallydiditmyself that got 192.7 likes!

TikTok runs on trends. You can find the latest trends only on TikTok before you spot them on the other platforms. Using hashtags will help you identify what’s hot and happening on the platform that most people are hooked into. Tiktok hashtags are a great way to highlight ongoing trends. Using hashtags to find the trends will help you stay relevant to your community and followers. And when you participate in the trends using hashtags, your content has more chances to appear on others’ feeds too! Users often follow funny trends to stay relevant and we see no harm in it!

How to Research TikTok Hashtags?

The best way to find relevant TikTok hashtags is to analyze similar industry content of other creators. This can be slightly time-consuming but is highly advantageous. This will also give you a regular boost of content ideas for your TikTok content creation.

For some people, doing hashtags research can be challenging in terms of time. But don’t worry. There are many free tools available on the internet that can help you find the trending (and relevant!) TikTok hashtags for your content. A tool like TikTok can surely be your best friend.

TikTok Hashtags

How Many Hashtags Can You Use on TikTok?

There is no specific limit to using hashtags on TikTok. However, you are only limited to 100 characters or fewer sets in the caption.

Considering that you need about 3 characters per hashtag, you can add approximately 33 hashtags or more in a caption. The potential is decent, and the goal is to utilize the space with only relevant and trending hashtags to make the most out of your TikTok hashtag strategy. If you’re out of space in the caption, you can always include the remaining hashtags in the comment section, which works pretty well too!

How to Use TikTok Hashtags to Boost Your Content

As now we already understand the benefits and process of finding the right hashtags, let’s move to the hashtag strategy to boost your followers and improve your engagement rates!

Find Relevant Hashtags

The first step is the most obvious out of all: Find relevant hashtags. As we already discussed, simply adding any hashtag will not give you any results. You need to spend time doing hashtags research and find the right ones that are related to your business. Find the right hashtags and include them in every content you post. Each content with the hashtags will have an opportunity to be visible in others’ feeds and boost your growth on TikTok.

Mix Popular Hashtags with Average Ones

One of the common reasons why choosing only the popular hashtags will not bring you the expected results is the competition. Since popular hashtags are widely searched in that movement, you can find many creators creating content on the same. This may decrease your chances of getting noticed. This is why you should choose to first be popular within the average popularity hashtags and then pave your way up to the most popular ones. You can also mix both up, and the results will be generous!

Get Involved in Trends

tiktok hashtags

Once hashtags help you to stay updated on TikTok trends, you need to take a step to jump into the trends! Following Tiktok trends is an important step to making your hashtags more relevant. There is no point in using a #merrychristmas during October, right? Instead, go for #happyhalloween or other relevant hashtags based on ongoing trends. If you can be on top of this, you will be able to gain better visibility within the content mostly viewed by the users.

Branded Hashtags and Hashtags Challenges

Developing your branded hashtags can give you a better edge compared to others in helping followers find you. Branded hashtags allow you to create a hashtag challenge which is one of the top strategies most businesses use to mark their presence on TikTok. Simply launch a hashtag challenge where your viewers either use your product and share their results or step up with their favorite moves on your brand music. The ultimate goal is to make the entire thing entertaining and profitable to your social account!


@addisonre the tik tok QUEEEN in the studio! Showing our host how to do the renegadedancechallenge! #renegade #addisoneasterling

♬ Lottery – K CAMP

For example, do you remember the #renegadedancechallenge in the example above? It looked like almost half the population of the world engaged in this challenge be it celebrities or common users. So using a challenge to connect with your audience can be a great way of using hashtags wisely.


Using the right TikTok hashtags strategy will give you the recognition you deserve in your social media venture. Though the process can be quite lengthy, the final outcome can be highly advantageous to your social presence. Make sure to also track your TikTok hashtag performance using third-party software or analyze the performance of your TikTok hashtag journey yourself.

Start your research today and make the entire TikTok community groove on your hashtags!

Tirza N

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.

Tirza N

Tirza is an advertiser, human rights advocate, and dancer. She is passionate about creating creative content and arts. She is a lifetime learner and always goes beyond her limit.
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